Quinoa custard (gluten free, vegan, lactose free) with stewed apples


Quinoa custard

It’s those cold winter nights that get me in trouble when it comes to delicious, warm comfort food. I have tried and tested many recipes to hit that sweet craving, and I think this is the one that I love the most! It’s a delicious custard/pudding made with quinoa (the most diverse ingredient ever!) and coconut milk. I also made some stewed apples with sultanas to go alongside the custard, and it’s definitely a recipe I’ll be making again and again. The best part about this recipe is it takes just 4 minutes to cook in the microwave, so no waiting around for baking time, and the fact that it’s nutritious, healthy, protein-packed and vegan doesn’t hurt either! The custard is super creamy with a coconut undertone, but not too sweet. The apples and sultanas just give it an extra yum factor…it really is spectacular for something good for you!


1 cup organic quinoa flakes

1 tin coconut milk (you could use the light version, but I didn’t bother)

1/2 tin water (I use the water to wash out any leftover coconut milk stuck in the can)

1 tbsp brown sugar, plus an extra 1 tsp

1 apple (I used a Granny Smith)

2 tbsp sultanas

2 tbsp water

In a heat proof bowl mix the quinoa, milk, water and 1 tbsp brown sugar. Peel and finely slice the apple. Place into a zip-lock bag along with the sultanas, extra 1 tsp of brown sugar and water. Place bowl of quinoa in microwave along with the sealed zip-lock bag. Cook for 2 minutes on high, then stir the quinoa and shake the apple bag a bit. Put back in the microwave for another 2 minutes on high. If the quinoa gets too thick just add some water, soy milk or almond milk and cook for another minute. Serve the quinoa in a bowl and top with the stewed apples (make sure you spoon some of that caramel sauce over the apples – it’s delicious!) Enjoy!

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Hi and welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate it. I 'm a lover of all things craft, cooking, DIY and natural. I've been creating all sorts of delicious healthy food, beauty products and craft items lately and need somewhere to share my recipes, successes and occasional disasters! I hope you enjoy...and feedback is always appreciated!

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